10% Deposit Match (up to $100)

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Looking to spend, save and earn? Now, through March 31st you can start earning immediately with your first deposit into your Eco account. 


We will match 10% of your first deposit, of any amount, up to $100.00. Rewards are deposited into your account after your funds have remained for at least 30 days without withdrawing. However, you can make purchases with our cash-back partners such as Amazon.



  • Deposit $500.00, and after 30 days, we will match by $50.
  • Deposit $1000.00, and after 30 days, we will match by $100.


***By participating in Eco’s Deposit Match promotion, you agree to our terms and conditions. Eco may at any time, without prior notice, terminate, cancel, and suspend the promotion or modify these terms. To be eligible for the promotion, your account must be in good standing at the time of participation. Deposit match will be 10% of your initial deposit successfully deposited into your Eco account. The referred user must deposit at least $1000 into their Eco account and either attend an Eco Welcome session or otherwise not withdraw funds from the account for 30 days.

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