What are Eco Credits?

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Eco Credits allow you to spend your Points to buy credits for future spend through Eco including:

  • Bill Payments
  • Eco Card Transactions
  • Merchant Gift Card Spend

Once purchased, your Eco Credit will automatically be redeemed on your next qualifying purchase as a rebate after the transaction completes. 

You’ll earn more Points on the redeeming transaction, and you can use those Points to purchase more future Eco Credits in our Points Store! 

When you make a purchase using U.S. Dollars through the Eco mobile App that falls under one of the listed categories, if you have a credit balance for that category, it will be automatically applied at the time of transaction settlement to provide you a rebate equal to the amount of the purchase or however much credit balance you have remaining. 

At this time, in order to use your credit balance, you must have sufficient U.S. Dollars in your Eco Account balance to make the purchase outright (i.e., without using your credit balance). 

The additions to your credit balance you can obtain from redeeming Points are subject to a monthly U.S. Dollar limit by category that refreshes on the first of every month. 

The redemption rate for Points to credit balance additions may change from time to time.


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